Tanja Lea Eichler

"The last Judgement" (Louis Spohr)

Tanja Lea Eichler: Solosoprano

"... Tanja Lea Eichler shines through as a passionate, expressive soprano;..."
The HAZ about "The last Judgement", Markuskirche Hannover, November 2013

"A Sacred Concert" (Duke Ellington)

Tanja Lea Eichler: Solosoprano

"... and there has been the great soloists, Tanja Lea Eichler, Siggy Davis,
Daniel Eggert and last not least Axel 'Booboo' Prasuhn, 'phantastic and very different', so Brandt. ... The audience was given a performence, they'll never forget. The musicians were given standing ovations in the end... This has been a concert Walsrode will have in mind for a very long time."
The Kreiszeitung abourt "A Sacred Concert" in the Stadtkirche Walsrode May 2013

"Gute Laune Swing für Benin"

Tanja Lea Eichler: Solistin

"... Soloist Tanja Lea Eichler, who fascinated the guests with a lot of sensitivity..."
Schaumburger News about the concert "Gute Laune Swing für Benin"
Tanja Lea Eichler and the Lothar Krist Hannover Big Band
, July 2012

"Concert Dresden"

Tanja Lea Eichler: Soloist

"... the soprano Tanja Lea Eichler enchanted with her voice."
TOP-Magazin Dresden about the concert in Dresden Tanja Lea Eichler and Tasso Schille, March 2011

"Concert in the Café Traxlmayr"

Tanja Lea Eichler: Soloist

"...according to Lisa Pill's idea Tanja Eichler sang impressively arias at the "Nachtcafé"'s opening ..."
The Linzer Krone about a Concert in the Café Traxlmayr, Linz, Austria, November 2004

"Gianni Schicchi"

Tanja Lea Seidler: Lauretta

"...emotionally and human was only the couple Lauretta and Rinuccio.
Tanja Seidler and Musa Nkuma brought it with sophisticated, rich voices and high-spirited play of life. ..."
The Enztaeler about "Gianni Schicchi (staging: Philipp Kochheim), May 2004
"...and who is in love with Tanja Seidler's Lauretta (with a tender soprano), Gianni Schicchi's daughter. The couple showed its passion as emphatically as the staff showed no self-effacement. ..."
The Pforzheimer News about "Gianni Schicchi (staging: Philipp Kochheim), May 2004

"The Abduction from the Seraglio"

Tanja Lea Seidler: Konstanze

"...A great delight in acting was the golden thread of the play. And for sure this was due to the pleasing performers' acting, which was vocally sophisticated, and left nothing to be desired
...A vocally adorable Konstanze (Tanja Seidler) with the dramatic "Martern aller Arten" or in the quartet with Belmonte, Blonde and Petrillo "Ach Konstanze, ach mein Leben". ..."
The Rems-news and the Gmundender daily news about "The Abduction from the Seraglio" (staging: Philipp Kochheim), December 2003

"Cosí fan tutte"

Tanja Lea Seidler: Fiordiligi

....The six roles were vocally and descriptively perfectely casted. Tanja Seidler had the most complicated part with the role Fiordili. She performed affecting Fiordiligi's consternation about her unstableness. The sister's voices merged perfectly in in the duets. ..."
The Enztäler about "Cosi fan tutte" (staging: Jochen Biganzoli), February 2003

"Don Giovanni"

Tanja Lea Seidler: Donna Anna

"...Tanja Seidler convinced me in her role as Donna Anna, a lyric coloratura soprano with remarkable timbre and advanced method, more than the dramatically efficient, yet a bit one-dimensional Hye-Won Nam."
Thei Opernwelt about "Don Giovanni" (staging: Christian Pöppelreiter), May 2002

"The Abduction from the Seraglio"

Tanja Lea Seidler: Konstanze

"... brilliantly vocalized and performed. - ...soprano Tanja Seidler's Konstanze was moving ..."
Munichs Evening News about "The Abduction from the Seraglio"
(Inszenierung: Alexander Netschajew), June 2001
"...Tanja Seidlers Konstanze is a delicate woman with a "volubly voice" like the very first soprano of this part, ..."
The SZ about "The Abduction from the Seragliol" (Inszenierung: Alexander Netschajew), June 2001


Tanja Lea Seidler: Clorinda

... .conducted by Carlos Dominiguez-Nieto, Tanja Eichler's Clorinde was brilliantly performed beside Stefanie Früh's main role, confident in her coloratura. ..."
Munichs Daily News about "La Cenerentola" (staging: Dominik Wilgenbus), December 2000